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American Door and Drawer, Inc. has been serving the cabinet and millwork industry for over twenty five years.  It has been a tradition at American Door and  Drawer, Inc. to service our customers with “The Mark of Excellence”. To provide the highest quality in custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts in many diverse styles, designs, and material species…..within a timely fashion.



About Us
About Us


It is the mission of American Door and Drawer, Inc. to meet the demands of our customers with the upmost concern, courtesy, and integrity.  We feel we are an extension of your business, and believe that as we provide our service and product we establish a relationship that is lasting and developed in Excellence.


Our Guarantee

American Door & Drawer, Inc. guarantees all of our products against workmanship or defective materials for one year after the date of shipment, when given reasonable treatment.

Reasonable treatment required for doors & drawer fronts includes:
• Stored in areas with a controlled environment not subject to abnormal heat, cold, humidity, dryness, or direct sunlight
• Finished completely on front, back, top, bottom, & sides with an equal amount of finish, within 5 days of receiving to prevent unequal absorption or release of moisture
• Not recommended in any area in which temperatures will exceed 120 F and is recommended to use a filler/barrier between all heat sources & the cabinet

Due to the inherit nature of wood some expansion and contraction may occur in relation to product size
and environmental conditions in which it is placed or exposed. For this reason, this guarantee does not
apply for improper storage, handling, or finishing on part of the customer.

The natural characteristics found in solid wood such as burls, pin knots, mineral streaks, etc. will not be
considered defects and will not be covered by this guarantee unless ordered as select materials.
Guarantee covers replacement of our product and shipping costs only. Guarantee does not cover
installation, removal, finishing, or labor involved with any situation.

Maximum size guaranteed against warpage for doors: 24” wide and/or 48” high. Maximum size
guaranteed against warpage for drawer fronts: 30” wide and/or 8” high. Doors over 4 sq. ft are
not guaranteed against warpage. Warpage or twisting of 3/16th of an inch or less shall be considered
acceptable and not a defect under the terms of this limited warranty. Door and drawer sizes are
guaranteed for a tolerance of (+/-) 1/16th of an inch.

Any of our products claimed to be defective must be returned to the factory for inspection. Defective
doors will either be repaired or replaced as defined under this limited warranty. The defective product
will be billed and then credited subject to the inspection of the product.

There are no warranties, either expressed or implied, which extend beyond the description in this limited

All materials are custom manufactured from raw materials to custom size and specification; therefore all
sales are final.

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